History of State Etalon Center

In accordance with the Regulation of the President of Turkmenistan 

dated August 17, 2010

"About the formation of a National Etalon Center"

In September 2010, negotiations were held on consulting services for the construction and formation of the State Etalon Center with representatives of TŰV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH, the Federal Physico-Technical Institute (Physikalisch - Technische Bundesanstalt - PTB) and the National Metrology Institute of Germany.

In a result of the negotiations, there was noted that the metrological center being created should meet international requirements and guarantee greater transparency, reliability and accuracy of measurements. It should to provide the national economy of Turkmenistan with a unified system of measurements and reliable state control over the means of testing and measuring, thereby contributing to the commodity-trade turnover between Turkmenistan and international markets, including with the European Union.

In the responsibilities of the Metrology Center should include the presentation of various physical quantities and the provision of metrological services to enterprises in the country in the form of realized measurement results. The center should be equipped with modern instruments and equipment with an orientation of measurement methods to international standards.

In October 2010, the Main State Service Turkmenstandartlary entrusted to TÜV Rheinland with Management by project for the accompaniment and formation of the Metrology Center. In October 25, 2011 the Main State Service Turkmenstandartlary and the Federal Institute of Physico- Technology signed a contract to carrying advisory work on the project Formation of the State Etalon Center in Ashgabat.

The construction of the State Etalon Center in Ashgabat  was  carried out by the contracting company TOTAL (a branch of the company “Total Inşaat Sanaýi we Tijaret Limited Şirketi” in Turkmenistan). In March 2011, a tender was announced for the supply of etalon equipment for the State Etalon Center. 22 applicants applied for participation for tender.

For equip the State Etalon Center with the latest etalon equipment, contracts were signed with suppliers such as: Neegas Trading LP Company (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), TCM Kommunikation Ges.mbH Company (Republic of Austria), East Wind Engineering Company LLP ”(United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Distrilab Limited Partnership (Republic of Kazakhstan).

The RTV experts conducted a technical examination of the proposals of suppliers in the framework of numerous discussions. On required and on the desire of the customer, RTV experts provided suppliers with detailed technical information in support. RTV experts monitored the equipment supplied on site for compliance with the technical requirements. In case of detection of deviations, relevant reports of non-compliance were compiled, which were agreed with the customer and with suppliers.

 As an additional service, the customer and suppliers were provide actively supported in solving open issues. The solemn opening ceremony of the State Etalon Center 10.01.2013 took place in the presence of the Respected President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.  At the moment of opening, the Respected President noted that the Metrology Center was built and equipped with the latest technology to perform the most important state tasks in the field of metrology in the future and to ensure traceability of measuring instruments, in the future and for total Central Asian region. The Respected President also noted what the Etalon  Center is designed to give a dynamic to the development of the state system for ensuring the unity of measurement, improvement of the legal framework in accordance with international requirements. The complex of buildings of the Etalon  Center includes an administrative building and laboratory buildings interconnected by galleries.

 The total area of the building of the State Etalon  Center is 25 thousand 500 square meters. There are laboratories equipped with  etalon  and exemplary equipment and high-precision measuring instruments from leading world manufacturers. The legal basis for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in Turkmenistan is established by the Law “About ensuring the uniformity of measurements”, which was adopted in October 2012. In according with this, the activities of the State Etalon Center will allowed ensure a unified system of measurements used in all sectors of the national economy, raise to a new level the quality and safety checks of products, goods, works and services, as well as their compliance with international standards.

The supply of etalon equipment was fully completed in January 2015, on what  is a conclusion   from the Federal Physico-Technical Institute (Physikalisch - Technische Bundesanstalt - PTB) about the compliance of the equipment supplied to customer requirements and technical documentation, and also that all equipment has calibration certificates from recognized accredited international laboratories. The introductory trainings were conducted for employees of new calibration laboratories by suppliers of etalon equipment, experts from PTB and specialists from ZMK GmbH Sachsen - Anhalt and ZMK ANALYTIK GmbH. As a confirmation of training, certificates of training were presented for participants.

Today, the Turkmenstandartlary Main State Service has national etalon laboratories on units of mass, length, strength, pressure, temperature, humidity, small volume, fluid density, fluid pH, fluid viscosity, fluid electrolytic conductivity, grain moisture, voltage (volt), resistance, current, time and frequency, consumption and quantities gas, which meet to all international requirements. The national etalon database presented here contains a set of etalons, etalon- exemplary equipment and high-precision measuring instruments for 17 types of measurements used in various sectors of the Turkmen economy.